Friday, February 27, 2009

Losing Weight: Defying The Haters

When I finally reached a weight that I was comfortable with and could no longer be called a "fat girl", a funny thing happened. Many of the people who teased or chastised me for being over weight began "worrying" about my "sudden" weight loss. Instead of being happy for they had the nerve to start worrying. My own brother, who made fun of me everyday when I was heavier, asked my mom to take me to a doctor to make sure I wasn't malnourished. My aunt, who always had plenty to say about my "big butt", told me that my face was getting "too small". Some of my heavier acquaintances suddenly became very nurturing, sharing snacks and junk food with me, every chance they got.

When you first lose weight you look very different to other people. The change is gradual to you but to others, who may not see you that often, it seems like it happened overnight. On the other hand, it took me quite some time to accept that I wasn't overweight anymore. I continued to wear my larger size clothes for a while, chaffing my stomach with the belt that I had to tighten to keep those big pants up. My mind took it's time accepting that I had actually lost the weight.

There was absolutely nothing sudden about my weight loss. It was a carefully thought out plan. I worked hard for it and the haters kept me strong. Looking back now, I admire my resolve but I know that having some key, supportive people on my side, made losing weight one hundred times easier.

My parents never once called me too fat or too skinny. They never once admonished me for the amount of food that I put on my plate. They truly loved me unconditionally and their love gave me the strength to do what I did, on my own, at 14 years old.

You have to lose weight for your own good because pleasing everyone else is impossible.

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