Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Weight And Lost Love

I have to share the story of the friend, of a friend of mine, who was finally successful at losing the excess weight but then became unsuccessful in her relationship.

I'll refer to her as Tanya. Tanya was at least fifty pounds over weight the majority of her life when she finally decided to get serious about losing weight. Her live in boyfriend of three years, "Joe", always told her that he loved her just the way she was but she was often the butt of his fat jokes. He chuckled when she joined a gym because he had seen her go through all of this before to no avail.

Tanya was fed up with being overweight. She was also fed up with her boyfriend's lack of faith and his fat jokes. She worked out and she ate less and the weight finally started coming off. As she got closer and closer to her goal weight and started to look really good, Joe became increasingly insecure. He suddenly wanted to keep tabs on her and no longer wanted her to go out with her friends.

Prior to the weight loss, she had no idea that he even had a jealous side. She did, however, begin receiving quit a bit of attention from men including the type of men who, she had no idea, could ever be attracted to her.

Joe's insecurity and jealousy became so unbearable that Tanya eventually left his corny butt, d with complete confidence that she would be dating again soon.

Tanya realized that Joe had taken her for granted for the majority of the three and a half years that they had been together. It also became clear to her that she let him get away with mistreating her because she did not have many other dating prospects. She felt that she was lucky to have him because most of her overweight friends were single and lonely. She preferred to be with Joe than be alone.

This is one instance where the weight loss, which is positive, evoked a negative reaction from a loved one. The end result was not negative, however, because Tanya's confidence boost allowed her to free herself from a toxic relationship.

Unfortunately, your personal improvements will not always meet the approval of others.

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