Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goal: A Positive Body Image

I have never been skinny and being skinny has never been my goal. Despite all of the images of waif skinny models and extremely thin actresses, I have been able to keep clear and realistic, personal goals for myself regarding my weight. I know the weight range that I am comfortable with and I know the way that I like to look.

My goal is to be healthy and have a positive body image and to promote that among anyone that I come in contact with. A person has a positive body image when they are happy and satisfied with the way her/his body looks. A person has a negative body image when they feel dissatisfied and unhappy with his/her body.

Being skinny is not synonymous with being healthy, in fact being too skinny can be down right dangerous. Many of us have turned to plastic surgery and eating disorders in order to look like some of the ladies and men in the magazines because we have a negative body image.

Thankfully, we can turn a negative body image around while promoting healthy lifestyle changes:

1. Healthy eating can have a positive affect on our weight, promote clearer skin and healthier hair.

2. Exercise boost our energy levels and releases endorphins in your body which makes us feel happy and good about ourselves.

3. Adequate rest (minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep) fights depression and stress and boost the immune system.

Let's all work on having a positive body image together, shall we?

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